Defense Arms Syndicate

Defense Arms Syndicate, a member of the Syndicate Alliance family is a specialty defense articles supply company. Founded in 2017 we are singularity focused on delivering equipment and services to meet the needs of American warfighters and first responders. Our principals are comprised of veteran special operations professionals with extensive military experience and in depth knowledge of the government procurement process to deliver products which ensure mission capability at a fair and reasonable price.




As a defense acquisition solution provider, Defense Arms Syndicate possesses comprehensive industry knowledge and a network of suppliers to help procure, integrate, and sustain the latest defense materials and technology. With most departments and agencies facing constrained budgets, the need for responsible resourcing is ever present. Our subject matter experts can help identify and acquire the best and most cost efficient combat products, logistics and operational support.


Born from the experience of special operations combat veterans, our leadership lived on the front lines of one of the most complex theaters of war in history. We have first-hand knowledge of battlefield challenges and the importance of reliable enabling support. We promise to be available and responsive when needed, and pledge to always exceed our customer’s expectations. As brother and sisters in arms, by serving the military and law enforcement communities we are serving ourselves.


We maintain an extensive product line of defense products, law enforcement technologies, and services for the Department of Defense as well as federal, state, and local government law enforcement agencies, as well as international customers under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program.

Defense Arms Syndicate manufactures the best ammunition in the world. Our company has an extensive line of lead-free ammunition which meets and exceeds state and federal law enforcement standards. Defense Arms Syndicate’s products are held to the strictest of quality controls which have been developed to address the unique requirements of military, law enforcement, and recreational shooters.

Our Values

Our special operations roots never let us forget our customers depend on timely service to meet mission critical requirements for operational needs. We strive to find supply chain solutions where the company wins, our customers win and America wins. These values embody our corporate culture.

Integrity: Trust is the foundation of our business. We look out for our people, our partner, and our clients. Our word is our bond.

Innovation: Be a learning organization of problem solvers who encourage our people to be ingenious, experiment, take smart risks, and seize opportunities.

Performance: Executional excellence and unsurpassed customer service is our standard.

Professionalism: The culmination of knowledge, adaptability, teamwork, persistence and attitude on how we conduct business operations.


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